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We know that having the best information is essential to making an informed decision; especially with regard to professional matters. Here, we took the opportunity to provide answers to our most popular questions about coworking at eSuites.

  • What is coworking?

    Coworking is a business office concept that combines the independence of working on your own with the more structured setting of a traditional office environment. Coworking has gained popularity due to the inherent benefits of working in a group setting. It meets the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers, tech startups, and other remote workers across countless industries who are looking to balance their workspaces with their home lives.

  • What is a coworking space?

    A coworking space is defined as a business office concept where independent contractors, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes work in the same location. Various businesses and individuals from different industries often share these flexible office spaces. The term “coworking space” was coined in 2005, by Brad Neuberg who started the coworking space movement in San Francisco.

  • What is a shared office space?

    A shared office space is modeled on the concept of two or more businesses or individuals working in the same physical location at the same time. In addition to saving a considerable amount of money that’s required to set up an office with all of the technology, business machinery, and amenities necessary to run a business, eSuites shared office spaces allow members to focus on their core business initiatives instead of wasting time running and maintaining the office.

  • Can I have a private office in a coworking environment?

    Yes! eSuites has membership plans that can accommodate private offices at a different price than dedicated or shared desk options within the coworking environment. Some businesses move into private offices in coworking spaces and stay there. As your business grows and your needs change, eSuites can accommodate your business by offering multiple spaces within the building.

  • What is a virtual office?

    A virtual office is a service that includes a professional mailing address with mailing services. Virtual office plans are ideal for businesses that don’t actually need to set up an office to work in every day, but need a prestigious address for business correspondence. eSuites also offers day passes for workspace and conference room rental options to virtual office members who wish to use these spaces.

  • Where can I keep and heat my food?

    eSuites has a fully stocked kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave to both keep and heat your food. Feel free to bring any snacks or meals with you, or enjoy our complimentary coffee and tea, water and snacks.

  • What does an eSuites space cost?

    Costs for coworking space at eSuites vary based on the chosen membership plan that suits your business needs. Any membership plan chosen will cost a fraction of the expense involved in leasing or renting a traditional office space in an executive center or office building.

    The flexibility of our plans allows members to change their leasing plans as their business needs change. Our on-demand booking system allows you to quickly reserve a space as soon as you need it, for as long as you need it. Contact us today to schedule a tour and learn more about our membership plans and rates at eSuites.