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“Coworking” is a term used to describe a situation where people from random firms and self-employed workers come together to work under the same roof. They are all doing different jobs, but they are doing it in the same office space. eSuites offers shared workspaces that include private offices, open areas with workstations and desks, as well as conference rooms. 

In one of eSuites coworking spaces, you could have a performance review going on in one room, a teleconference with Tokyo in another, and group of people sitting in the same room working for twenty different companies in 3 different countries. That is one of the nice things about a coworking environment – there simply is no limit to what you can and cannot do for your business. Coworking is a proven effective and productive work environment which produces remote workers who tend to be 20-25% more productive than their typical office co-workers.

In these blogs we have covered time, family, commute, and productivity, but there are additional reasons that prove why utilizing one of eSuites shared spaces for coworking is an optimal choice for your business. The biggest of those reasons would be money. How much is your overhead? You have utilities, Internet, phones, security, rent, and a cleaning crew.

These are the expenses that you must budget for every month. Whether you are in red or black, the operating expenses must be paid. By choosing a shared space through eSuites you can eliminate those expensive bills. Coworking spaces are less expensive than rent or mortgage payments and are available with all of the necessary services and tools required to do the job.

Less expensive sounds good to everybody, but it is appreciated by self-employed and upstart companies in a way that big corporations cannot. Any successful business must learn how to minimize expenses. By providing the employees of your start-up with an office atmosphere and all of the amenities for half of the price, not only will you have happy employees, but you will also have money to pay them, as well.

The sense of community that comes with a shared working space is unique. You have people from different companies, all with different jobs and skills, working in the same space. It gives people an opportunity to meet people from a different world that they never would have met if were working in a traditional office space. eSuites offer everything from shared office space to private and virtual offices. For more information, please visit

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