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Managing cash flow is one of the more challenging issues small businesses and startups deal with on a monthly basis. When businesses see their incoming and outgoing numbers fluctuating with zero stability over the course of a year, it quickly becomes a point of concern.

A couple of bad months can knock over the first domino in the line that eventually leads to failure. This is why it is essential for business owners to save money where they can to ease the pain of potential cash flow problems in the future. Temporary and shared office spaces have proven to be a way to save enough money to be a solution for many financial concerns.

Starting a small business requires a lot of up-front money to get off the ground. Opening up a traditional office space requires architect and contract fees, carpeting, painting, lighting, construction labor, networking infrastructure, furniture, office personnel, upgrades, maintenance, and on and on and on.

eSuites provides temporary office space that will save you all of those fees. Office space or a conference room from eSuites has everything that you need included in the cost of the room. By choosing a temporary office space that provides the necessary equipment and staff you are starting your business 3 years ahead of where you would be with a traditional office.

When signing a lease for a temporary office space, after deposits and fees you are committing years to a company that is doing nothing to help you succeed. Additional startup expenses for rent, taxes, and utilities may drop another $20,000 in your lap. On your first day starting up a traditional office, before you turn on the lights you may be nearly $100,000 in debt. You can start a second business with that money.

Temporary and shared office space inherently helps to stabilize and boost the cash flow of any business. Imagine the relief in replacing a long, expensive lease with flexible, cost-effective shared office space.

Office space or a conference room from eSuites has everything that you need included in the cost of the room. For more information, please visit

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